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  • Complete Recruiting Software

    Manage your entire recruiting pipeline in one place. Categorize your recruits however you like. CaptainU fits your process.

  • Search for New Athletes

    Discover a world of CaptainU athletes who fit your needs. Easily add CaptainU athletes to your database with no data entry.

  • Send, Receive, Organize

    Send stylish bulk emails, individual messages, and texts. CaptainU automatically files the messages you send and receive with each recruit’s profile.

  • Manage Compliance

    Compliance reporting shouldn’t require any extra work. On CaptainU, compliance reports build themselves.

  • Get Insights To Improve

    CaptainU analytics give you better insight into how you’re doing with recruiting than anything you’ve seen before.

  • Market Your Camp

    Promote your ID camp to CaptainU athletes and find your next great player.

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